About Halibut Chronicles & John Beath

Hali2John Beath is owner of www.halibut.net and host of  Lets Talk Outdoors YouTube Channel. He has been an outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and speaker for 25 years and past president of Outdoor Writers Association of America.

In 2013 Beath joined Whaler’s Cove Lodge in Angoon Alaska as Captain of the JIL, a 32 foot sport fishing boat.

“I really enjoy guiding guests at Whaler’s Cove Lodge,” says Beath. “Every day offers some of the best halibut fishing to be found.”

Beath also owns SquidPro Tackle, and designs numerous halibut and salmon fishing lures, including the popular FAT Squid product line.

During winter and spring Beath travels around the West Coast giving halibut fishing seminars.

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