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Eagle Swimming in Saltwater

Two days ago I watched two eagles lock talons from about 300 feet above the water. Were they mating or fighting? I don’t know the answer to that question. As I watched in awe they plummeted to the water and … Continue reading

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Halibut Fishing at Pillar Point, East of Sekiu Washington

New halibut fishing technique using FAT Squid FAT Head Lead Heads combined with 7.5 inch FAT Squids and bait worked to catch this nice halibut. These special weighted jig heads are available at

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Vacuum Sealing Halibut to Last One Year

John Beath shows how to use plastic wrap when vacuum sealing fish. This method prevents freezer burn and keeps fish fresh for at least one year. This method also keeps ALL moisture from your vacuum sealer.

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Sekiu Halibut Fishing @ Olson’s Resort

John Beath fishes Sekiu Washington with his new FAT Squid Lead Head jig. Instead of the standard jigging method, he used a small but heavy mono dual hook rig fished with bait behind the jig head. Check out the fish … Continue reading

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Halibut Recipe, “Poor Man’s Lobster”

Poor Man’s Lobster halibut recipe shows another great way to prepare your fresh halibut and turn it into a delicious lobster like white meat from the sea.

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